7 – 10 Digit Sequence Display

7 – 10 Digit Sequence Display

Display a user-selected 7 or 10 digit sequence.

This was the final project for my digital circuit design course that I took in my junior year in college.  This was one of the first times I had done anything with a microcontroller.  The instructions for the project were to display a specific numerical sequence that would be determined by an input into a PIC12F609.  The two sequences were:

1) 8172634509

2) 2634509

We were issued (but not limited to the issued parts):

  • PIC12F609
  • SN74LS47N – BCD to 7-Segment display
  • 7-Segment LED Display
  • Various resistors
  • One pushbutton
  • PICkit3

I limited my part use to the ones provided.

I used the SN74LS47N to drive the 7-segment display, and the PIC12F609 to send information to the input pins of the SN74LS47N.


When I originally designed this project, I did not use interrupts, instead I designed the code using polling techniques for the pushbutton and loops for the timer.  However, I redid the project to showcase my abilities using Arduino and TI microcontrollers as well as Microchip’s.


Here are the software flow charts:


7 & 10 digit counter routines:

Interrupt Service Routine:






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